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  • Vacuum carpet, mats, seats and boot
  • Clean interior windows with a vinegar solution and microfiber cloth, then polish
  • Dashboard, trims and all plastics thoroughly cleaned, treated and buffed
  • Upholstery shampoo and vacuumed
  • Rinse and treat bodywork with a professional TFR solution
  • Wash the entire vehicle using auto shampoo
  • Cleaned with an alkaline based alloy wheel cleaner then rinsed with high pressure washer
  • Chammy dry from the roof down to a streak free finish
  • Clean & polish all windows lights and mirrors
  • Clean & restore colour and shine to tyres, and exterior unpainted trims

Protective Coating Polish

  • A protective coating applied to the paintwork of the vehicle for a deep gloss finish using topaz polish, applied using microfibre cloths and detailing sponges

Deoderisation - Sterlisation

  • Thermal fog deodorising, a unique form of sanitising and removing odours from your vehicle.  Read more...

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